Project Manager

Bob (Robert) is a seasoned industry professional with experience in construction and construction management practices since 1979.  He is comprehensive in all aspects of project and multi-project management, including site preparation, architectural development and compliance, budget and cost analysis, materials acquisition, job scheduling, change orders, and labor management for commercial and residential construction.

His thorough understanding of building systems and processes stems from his experience in project estimating, documentation, budgeting, negotiation, and administration of contracts and subcontracts.  His field supervisor and construction management experience enable him to provide our clients with practical solutions to complex issues.  He has worked closely with architects, consultants, and attorneys in both Portland and Seattle.

Bob’s expertise in construction from the ground up enables him to provide our clients with assessments of root cause/corrective action, industry compliance, and cost appropriateness. His ability to focus on the underlying problems and provide recommendations for course of action is a key component in helping clients resolve difficult cases.