Dan provides complex, accurate and detailed defects investigation and litigation support for both commercial and residential construction. His analysis, reports, presentations, and testimony identify causes and responsible parties in defect claim disputes. He helps clients understand and limit their exposure to claims, recoup losses caused by others or get their projects back on track.  His marketing and design experience is beneficial in explaining and demonstrating the issues in reports and exhibits during discovery, arbitration or trial processes.

Starting summer construction work at age 14, Dan began working full time in the trades in 1975. He was the owner and general manager of a residential/light commercial remodeling company for 20 years. He also spent a decade managing all aspects of a natural stone business that dealt in sales, fabrication and installation. He has worked for a variety of other construction trades which has given him broad experience in general business, project management, estimating, complaint resolution, fabrication and crew supervision.

In 2002 he added construction defects investigation services to his construction company, doing document review, documenting site conditions, moisture intrusion and damage mapping. This became an increasingly larger part of Dan’s business until he joined the PBI team in 2006 to serve as a full-time construction consultant.

Extensive experience as a repair and remodeling contractor uniquely qualifies him to investigate structures with alleged defect issues. Having involvement in design, being a general contractor, and having various specialty subcontractor work experience provide perspective when determining whether design, sequencing, products or specific sub-contractors contributed to the problems at hand. He is qualified to propose repair scopes, create conceptual estimates, and allocate percentages of responsibility to those who contributed to the defect damages.