Senior Consultant

A registered architect in Oregon, Washington, and Utah, with years of experience in designing and constructing a wide range of public and private construction projects. He has developed and built institutional facilities, retail and office buildings, apartment complexes, business parks and corporate headquarters, overseeing projects ranging from under $1 million to over $35 million.

Greg has served as an expert witness in a substantial number of meditations, arbitrations and trials. Working in the design and construction industry since 1975, his knowledge of the design and construction process gives him the insight to investigate, analyze and present the facts regarding construction defects disputes.  Greg brings non-biased, credible expertise to his investigations and provides viable solutions. His involvement in construction issues and continuing education keep him on the cutting edge of the construction industry and abreast of current laws.

As an owner’s representative, architect and construction project manager, his experience includes scheduling, claims negotiation, mediation, arbitration and litigation, managing development, creating design documents and overseeing the construction of numerous projects. Greg fully understands the differing perspectives of the owner, architect and builder. Understanding the key to project success comes from the critical relationships among these roles, and he actively works to establish and maintain trust among all project team members.

Greg is often called upon to critique project design, evaluate architectural standards of care and examine costs in construction disputes. Being an expert in miscellaneous specialty trades, he analyzes the quality of installations and how the work measures up to project specifications and code requirements. He  is able to assess responsibility for defective work and accurately allocate liability for clients.