Owner Representative Services

John Costello has decades of experience representing private and governmental organizations managing a broad range of development and construction projects from concept to completion. These projects exceed a billion dollars in value and include multi-use high-rise towers, mid-rise offices, major utility and infrastructure extensions, residential subdivisions, industrial projects, institutional facilities, and unique commercial projects.

He has conceived, negotiated, and administrated the contractual relationship among the various parties in the site acquisition, entitlement development, construction, and facility operation process. John is considered an expert in integrating and managing the processes and procedures related to development and construction. As an owner’s representative with a background in government, he is proficient in dealing with the regulatory agencies that impact the development process. John has been brought into a number of problem projects to correct deficiencies in budget, schedule, and team commitment. His services have been integrated into augmenting existing owner/agency staffs, as separate and independent services reporting to an internal director, or a combination of both.

John has managed over 200 projects from concept through funding, planning, entitlement, design, contract negotiation, construction, and occupancy. He is proficient in utilizing a broad range of project delivery systems including Design/Bid/Build, Design/Build, Construction Management/General Contractor (CM/GC), and Agency CM. John has represented both government and private owners in the development process, including contractual structuring, government relations, urban planning, entitlement, zoning, design, and construction. He directed, managed, and motivated the efforts of technical individuals, groups, and staff involved in the development and operation of major commercial and institutional facilities.