Project Manager

Rod has been in the building trades since 1974, his experience includes being a construction superintendent, facilities administrator, and commercial/residential general contractor.  With both local and international exposure, Rod has managed projects with budgets in excess of $15M.  His responsibilities range from performing on-site construction and detailed project management to effective oversight of industry professionals. Rod’s demonstrated leadership qualities, ability to complete projects within established timelines and quality control.  Rod has comprehensive understanding of all phases and components of construction, and hands on experience with many.

In January 2017, Rod brought his professional skills to the Pacific Building Insight team.  With over six years of experience running multiple crews performing construction defect remediation with Porter Construction, Rod gained valuable insight into our industry. His experience, as a repair and remodeling contractor, makes him qualified to investigate structures to identify potential defect issues.

As a project manager at Pacific Building Insight, Rod oversees building investigations on various structures, including single family homes, condominiums and apartment complexes, and commercial buildings. With his fundamental knowledge of building structures and components, Rod can prepare concise estimates for appropriate repairs.