Chasten Buttigieg Smashes Lauren Boebert When She Transmits ‘Appreciation’ To ‘All’ Dads

Chasten Buttigieg, the husband of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, lashed out at Representative Lauren Boebert (R-Colorado) for her supportive twitter post on Father’s Day this week. He pointed out that Boebert had previously criticized his hubby for trying to take paternal leave to be with his sick new infant.

“When you insulted my husband for being with his family, our two-month-old baby was on a ventilator at the children’s hospital,” Chasten Buttigieg tweeted on Wednesday. “Our two-month-old son was fighting for his life.” I watched him manage one crisis after another while our son’s heart monitor continued to beep in the background while he spent the entire day taking calls and using Zoom from our hospital room.

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In November, Boebert chucked a homophobic threat at the road transport secretary for taking some time off together with his twin babies. Boebert stated that the transportation receptionist was inaccessible to interact with the supply chain and inventory as he was “still at home trying to figure out how to chest feed.” Boebert’s statement was homophobic in nature.

In some other instance, she claimed how she had given birth in her vehicle and also that “ain’t nobody got time” for family leave. She even said she had given birth in her vehicle.

On the other hand, Boebert stated on this year’s Father’s Day that “the role of the father is extremely fundamental to the home and to the community as a whole.”

She expressed her appreciation in a letter by writing, “I want to send out a shoutout of gratitude to all of the dads across America!”

Buttigieg has been the target of criticism from some on the right for having paid leave to look for his children, and Boebert was one of those people.

And although Buttigieg stated at the beginning that he was still “available 24/7 on matters that can’t wait, problems that can’t be outsourced and big choices,” such as the supply problem, the Republicans continued to accuse him of sidestepping his responsibilities as a Cabinet member.

The Buttigiegs became parents in the summertime to identical twins named Joseph August (Gus) and Penelope Rose. After spending three weeks in and out of clinics, 200 kilometers in an ambulance, and a harrowing week on a respirator, Gus is home, happy, and doing wonderful!,” Chasten Buttigieg announced at the beginning of November.

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