Exercise: new normal for healthier lifestyle

By | March 8, 2023

your fitness goal  should always be realistic and something you look forward to as part of your active lifestyle .whether it’s running a marathon or taking a walk , always operate in an envrionment  that you can manage. exercise is even more effective than counselling or medication for depression. but how much do you need.

the world is currently grappling with a mental health crisis, with millions of people suffering from depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions

traditional treatments such as therapy & medication can be effective.   furthermore ,exercise has additional benefits compared cost fewer side effects and offering bonus gains for physical health.

“try to put your  heart  and soul into 

 every workout, that’s how you     

  truly feel amazing’ 

A lot of  people are so tied up with their habits that they do not want to change .   well! fella if you are not willing to change your habits then how would you grow?

Dont’t just aspire for your goal ,be prepared to CHANGE to achieve those goals


  “I know it’s not easy but

    you can’t stay in your comfort zone   

 and expect results”.

Instant power by aligning your body the way it should be. let your natural power be the added power to support your workouts added power to support your workouts performances.                                           fitness does not have a singular “LOOK” in fact , appearance can’t necessarily tell you about someone’s habits, whether they’re actually physically active, or even whether they’re fit at all.                                                  STAY BRAVE.




fitness is vitally important to health and wellnes as well as to the ability to engage in normal activities of daily living without excessive fatigue. physical activity and exercise training programs shoud be designed with the intent of improving each of health -related physical fitness in addition to preventing chronic disease.

Take care of  your body. 

IT’S  the only place you have to live in.

fitness is the ability to function effilciently in an active environment that suits your personal interests and goals .you should have your own unique definition and creat a baseline that you can build on throughout your life.

“nobody cares that you’re

 overweight or a new gym member .

    we are all here for self improvement

   and we all started somewhere.”

A proper fitness routine will help to manage weight , fight obesity and make you fit.

exercise helps us to keep our lungs healthy ; proper and deep breathing during exercise keeps respriratory diseases away.

fitness has become a career option as gym trainer , yoga trainer , sports teacher.

   “the best diet is the one you can

 stick to and perform well .

 does’nt have to be the one that

looks treandy in your instagram bio.”

Over -fried foods should be avoided for good health. foods like fast food should not be eaten.

it is true that human body is not healthy then nothing in the world is of any use to him .

 “you won’t get skinny by  eating one salad.

you won’t get fat by eating one burger

  what matters is what you do

 more over a period of time.

fitness is crucial as it helps us to work without facing difficulties and increases our resistance to disease-causing germs.

exercising without a proper schedule will make you unhealthy instead of being fit.

This ultimate booty -sculpting plan  sculpts and burns -like , really , really burns.

health is very important for living a happy life .  Not only does staying fit facilities our workability , but also helps but to be happy and content.

  Try to put your heart and soul 

 intu every workout, 

 that’s how you truly grow” 

  while traditional treatments such as therapy and medication can be effective , our new  research highlights the importance of exercise in managing these conditions




find ways ,don’t find excuses!!

you choose your priority, you choose to  chase your goals . and it’s you who  chooses to lay back in peace with your excuses watching others winning & explaning to yourself why it’s easier for them and not for you!!


Don’t just think , ponder . don’t just take , give . don’t just see, feel. don’t just dream, do. don’t just hear , listen. don’t just talk , act. don’t tell, show . don’t just exist, live.

  “Remember ,being strong is a choice.

 if your mind belives it, 

 your body will follow. 

A cardio exercise consumes a greater number of calories than a power lifting exercise . nonetheless , your digestion might remain raised for longer after loads than cardio , and weight training is better for building muscle . hence , the ideal activity program for further deveoping body structure and wellbeing incorporates cardio and weight.

“The mind always fails first, 

 not the body . 

the secret is to make your mind 

 work for you , not agianst you.”

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