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SoundCloud was founded in 2007 by Alexander Ljung and Eric Wahlforss. At that time, SoundCloud was the first platform that gave equal rights to artists and listeners. SoundCloud is one of the leading platforms, especially for those who create music. This platform allows everyone to share and discover unique content anywhere and anytime, on the web and mobile.

Currently, SoundCloud is famous in 190 countries and 30 million artists have given more than 250 million songs to people around the world. That’s why today SoundCloud is the largest audio discovery platform in the world. Today, more than 175 million people take advantage of SoundCloud’s songs every month.

ApplicationSoundCloud Premium Apk
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Updated on17 May 2022

How can use SoundCloud?

Be a listener

If you’re a listener on SoundCloud, you should be scouring for new songs. Apart from this, you can also comment on the songs. If you have a song, you can also repost it. If you like the songs of an artist very much, then you can also support them. You can listen to unlimited, ad-free and offline songs with a subscription to SoundCloud.

Be an artist

If you are an artist on Soundcloud, then you can create your own songs and put them here. An artist can promote the release of his song on Soundcloud, and connect with fans. if you guys like enough, then you can also earn quite a lot from here.

Create Account

You can sign up for SoundCloud absolutely free. You’ll first need to go to to sign up. There you will see the option of Create Account, after clicking on this you enter your email address and choose a password. Apart from this, you can also create your account by downloading the SoundCloud app on mobile. You can also sign up for SoundCloud through a Google, Facebook or Apple account.

Types of subscriptions

For Listeners

You can listen to millions of songs online on SoundCloud. You will not find these songs anywhere else for free. But if you want to listen to these songs offline, then you have to pay something in the form of subscriptions. For this, SoundCloud has released SoundCloud Go. You can upgrade to SoundCloud Go and listen to many songs offline. Now you can take full advantage of SoundCloud with ad-free streaming. To know more about SoundCloud Go, you can visit their official website. (

For Creators

SoundCloud has three different plans for Creators. In the very first plan, you simply create your profile with a free membership, upload your first tracks and then increase your viewership. In the second plan, you are given special features of Pro subscription. Such as comprehensive statistics, more upload times, and opportunities for support. Pro Unlimited subscription is provided in the third and last plan. In this, you are given all the facilities mentioned above as well as unlimited upload space.

Is SoundCloud sound quality better than YouTube?

SoundCloud is similar to YouTube, where you can upload, share and embed your music. But is SoundCloud’s sound quality better than YouTube? So let’s know whether SoundCloud is better than YouTube?

You can use YouTube music for free up to a limit of 180 minutes. But for more than that, you’ll need to pay a pro account subscription for $6 per month or $55 per year. While you don’t have to pay any to stream in SoundCloud. But if you want to get paid to stream, you’ll need to partner with SoundCloud and get your music licensed. YouTube is a platform where you can share video with audio to a large audience. It is difficult to ascertain the exact amount paid by artists for featuring the soundtrack on YouTube.

If we talk about the sound quality, then the sound quality of YouTube changes with the video quality. Because the quality of videos on YouTube is served in a much better way. YouTube is broader a video platform than SoundCloud. So SoundCloud’s sound quality is better than YouTube. SoundCloud offers you high-quality streaming, with the format encoded in 256Kbps AAC.

User-created Playlists AllowedOffline download partially allowed
Available platforms Android/WebAvailable platforms Android/iOS/Web
Sharing of playlists AllowedTop labels SME/WMG/UMG
Audio quality 64kbs for free and 256kbs for paid 

Which Is Better Soundcloud Or Spotify? 

Spotify vs SoundCloud is a hot debate for audiophiles, brands and people around the world. And today we are also going to know which SoundCloud or Spotify is better.

Spotify and SoundCloud are the two largest streaming platforms in the world. Both of these have their own advantages and disadvantages. Spotify offers a curated and detailed music service for music fanatics. Whereas on the other hand, SoundCloud is a very different platform. The startup here is known for allowing artists and rappers to get a foot in the door.

Spotify is a better choice for most users, as it offers a wide selection of music as well as an easy to use interface. But the number of people who like SoundCloud is also not less. Here you must have a question that which of these two we should use. So the answer is that you are now living in a new decade. Now according to what you need, you should use either of these two. Before making a decision, ask yourself some of the following questions.

1. What are your needs?

Each person has different needs. Some people are full-time music junkies, while some people are crazy about modern music. Some people listen to songs for ten or twelve hours a day, while some people listen to only 1 or 2 songs. So choose according to your need.

2. What is your status?

You should also check your status once when choosing between Spotify and Soundcloud. Be it a beginner artist or a complete artist, a private company or a big brand.

If you are a beginner then SoundCloud is the best option for you. But if you are a complete artist or a successful music artist, then Spotify is the best for you. Because Spotify is the most popular music streaming service in the world. Here the sound of your music will reach more people.

Final Thoughts

Spotify vs SoundCloud – Which Should You Use?

As we also mentioned above that which of the two you should use depends on your factors.

But if we look at all the facts together then Spotify is a premium music service. From high-quality audio, you get the best of it to excellent brand promotion capability.

Some Questions to ask Yourself before Deciding

1. Quickly New Music Discover

Soundcloud lists the most popular songs of the week. With this, you can easily take advantage of popular songs.

2. Download Music and Offline Listening

Soundcloud is the best audio platform. Here you can listen to offline songs and also download them. You can also make a list of your best songs by downloading them so that you will not have to search for them anywhere in the future. These collected songs will help you even if you have gone on a long journey, and there you come across network problems. Here these songs can entertain you.

3. Not Just for Indie Bands

SoundCloud has an impressive line-up of many highly regarded bands. Today, SoundCloud has several recording studios apart from Universal Music and Warner Bros. Along with this, he also has a business of licensing. This means you must have understood that even big artists like Taylor Swift and Adele can stream here for free.

4. SoundCloud Community

The best part about SoundCloud is the huge range of community-focused tools. This series let the user and the cast interact with each other. You can also send comments to your favorite artists on SoundCloud. Users can also repost favorite songs on their profiles.

5. Share Music Easily

In addition to searching for your favorite music on SoundCloud, you can also share them. The embedding, messaging, and sharing options on SoundCloud’s website is quite impressive. Apart from all this, WordPress and Soundcloud struck a deal, so that you can now create your own personal website and share your favorite song or playlist there. All you have to do is visit the SoundCloud website, copy the embed code and paste it further into WordPress.

6. Make money with your music

There are tons of producers, DJs and indie bands on the SoundCloud site who share their music hoping to make it big. When their song becomes a hit, they earn a lot of money. If your song is selected for a big film, then you can earn a lot of money.

How much is SoundCloud Pro?

If you are a big fan of music, then you should definitely buy a SoundCloud subscription. At present, if you look at the price of the subscription plan of SoundCloud, then you will have to pay $ 16 for the monthly payment. But if you want to pay in annual installments, you have to pay $144 annually to SoundCloud. Now rather than today, just visit the official website of SoundCloud and buy the monthly or yearly plan and enjoy all the famous songs of the world.

Is SoundCloud Pro Good for Artists?

If you are a good music artist, then you must definitely create and put your songs on SoundCloud. But I must note that SoundCloud is a great platform for artists who are serious about growing their SoundCloud fan base.

Soundcloud lets you upload unlimited songs. It also offers the benefits of Track File Changes, Repost Network and SCPlanner. You don’t need to spend much money for your marketing on SoundCloud. Because SoundCloud has a huge user base of 270 million. If your song has quality then no one can stop you from being famous through SoundCloud.

With SoundCloud, you can network with other producers and artists. You can create and learn collab songs with these artists and producers. That way, you’ll also find plenty of collab opportunities on SoundCloud.

If you are hesitant about whether someone will listen to your songs on SoundCloud or not, then there is no need to take a subscription plan of SoundCloud in advance.

First, you focus on making great music. Focus on making your music sound and people like it. After this, when people start liking your songs, then purchase a subscription plan of SoundCloud. After that if you think you need a little marketing, then focus on that. But in the early stages, you hone your singing skills.

Also, you have consistency. In the beginning, no one will listen to your song. But after 3-4 months your song will definitely reach the people. if you get frustrated by putting 5-6 songs in the beginning and stop making songs, then you will not get success here. If you keep posting songs continuously, then you will get to see very good results.

How does SoundCloud make their money?

Soundcloud doesn’t have a single source of income, but multiple channels. Such as advertising, premium subscription, audio mastering services, etc….. Let us know all these things step by step.


You can listen to SoundCloud songs in 2 ways. There is one through premium subscription and the other for free. When you listen to songs on SoundCloud for free, there is an ad in the middle. SoundCloud earns a lot through this advertisement. Soundcloud’s advertising partners include many large companies such as Netflix, Starbucks, Red Bull, and Amazon.

Premium Subscription

Advertisement Soundcloud also makes a lot of money through premium subscriptions. Most people take premium subscriptions because they get to listen to all the songs offline. Apart from this, they do not even get advertisements in the middle, due to which you listen to the song continuously.

SoundCloud has three main premium subscriptions, SoundCloud Go, SoundCloud Go+, and SoundCloud Pro Unlimited.

In SoundCloud Go and Go+ users are given a monthly subscription. For this, the user has to pay $4.99 per month for a SoundCloud Go subscription and $9.99 per month for SoundCloud Go+ subscription every month. Whereas for the subscription of SoundCloud Pro Unlimited, the user has to pay $ 16.

At present, more than 270 million people use SoundCloud every month. If even 10% of its people buy a subscription plan of SoundCloud, then you can guess the earnings of SoundCloud.

By mastering

Apart from advertising and premium subscriptions, SoundCloud also makes money by mastering. SoundCloud made an announcement in July 2020, in which it stated that it would be providing mastering services to anyone for $4.99 per song. Apart from this, it will help in releasing the songs or preparing the song and will also charge money for it. Generally speaking, SoundCloud helps artists become more professional.

Organizing Events

Today SoundCloud is the largest music company in the world. That’s why they organize big events and concerts every year and the people who come in it have to buy tickets. In this, big artists of SoundCloud come and perform and entertain the people. Soundcloud company also makes good money from these tickets.

SoundCloud funding, valuation and investors

SoundCloud has raised more than $540 million in funding over the past ten rounds. In this funding, $75 million has been given exclusively from SiriusXM, owner of streaming platform Pandora. So Pandora and SoundCloud entertain a mutual advertising partnership.

In addition to the SiriusXM company, SoundCloud includes investors such as Kleiner Perkins, Index Square, Temasek, Atlantic Labs and Twitter Ventures.

SoundCloud Total Revenue

Soundcloud is a profitable company. It earned $ 102 million in the year 2017, while it made $ 53 million in the year 2016. Thus, in comparison to the year 2016, Soundcloud grew by 80% in 2017. Soundcloud hasn’t released its 2018 figures yet. A SoundCloud company spokesperson said that the company is making a lot of profit right now, and will do its best to successfully exceed its growth plan for the New Year.

So far, the SoundCloud Company has not placed itself in the stock market. But the company spokesperson said that soon he is going to launch his IPO. But I can say with this claim that whenever SoundCloud Company’s IPO stock market comes, then its figures will be quite positive.

What are the pros and cons of SoundCloud?

Everything in the world has pros and cons, so SoundCloud also has pros and cons, which we are going to know here.

Pros: SoundCloud is best for audience interaction

If your show is going to be on SoundCloud, you get the streaming service as well as the combined social network. Everyone on the SoundCloud platform gets a chance to comment on the audio. Apart from this, there is also a chance to like and share the song. Your content on SoundCloud has a chance to go viral.

Pros: That platform makes it easy to access podcast content

If you want to create podcasts, then SoundCloud is the best option for you. If you know that a large part of your audience is available on SoundCloud, then you can use the SoundCloud app to make podcasts accessible to people quite easily. But one thing to remember is that SoundCloud isn’t primarily for podcasters. It is a music platform and has a large music audience.

cons: Soundcloud user upload time is limited

In SoundCloud, you can upload anything up to a limit. This is a big cons of SoundCloud. Soundcloud works great for music, but your podcast time is limited.

cons: Soundcloud does not have a content or profanity filter

One of the major problems with SoundCloud is that it doesn’t have any profanity filter on the content like YouTube and other platforms. That’s why it’s better to let your little child use SoundCloud less. Because unholy content is such a thing, in which if your child goes once, then his future life can be ruined. His future may be in danger. So parents must keep this thing in mind.

Is Soundcloud safe to use?

Anything in the world benefits you as long as you use it properly. But if you use it wrong or overuse it, then it is bound to be damaged. As the songs of Soundcloud keep your mood good and entertain you. But if you listen to Soundcloud music for 5-6 hours a day, you will be at a loss.

That’s why SoundCloud Tim invites children 13 years of age and older. But if you have given mobile or SoundCloud access to your child at this age, then it is your fault. Because like YouTube there is no filter of content or profanity on Soundcloud.

Apart from this, it is safe to use SoundCloud. No harm is going to happen to your mobile or your device through SoundCloud’s website or app. The interface of SoundCloud is quite secure.

Can I download music from SoundCloud?

If you have a premium subscription to SoundCloud, you can download music from SoundCloud. For this, you have to first sign in to SoundCloud’s website or app. Below each of his songs, there will be a button for the download file. After clicking on it, you can easily download any song from SoundCloud. But if the download file button is not visible below a song, then it means that the person who uploaded that song has turned off the users’ download option.

If you do not have a SoundCloud premium subscription, you cannot download music.


Q : Which music app is best?

Ans : SoundCloud

Q : What is the purpose of SoundCloud?

Ans : The purpose of SoundCloud is to help independent artists build and develop their careers. To do this, the SoundCloud platform helps and empowers artists with the tools, services and resources they need.

Q : Is SoundCloud illegal?

Ans : No, Soundcloud is legal.

Q : Is SoundCloud for free?

Ans : SoundCloud is an open platform for both listeners and creators. Anyone can listen to it for free and anyone can upload their song. Apart from this, there is also a premium subscription plan of SoundCloud, in which you get additional benefits.

Q : What is the most played SoundCloud song?

Ans : Promise by Jimin

Q : What is the most liked song on SoundCloud?

Ans : Lean On

Q : Who has most followers on SoundCloud?

Ans : Thanos Petrelis (8.51 million followers)

Q : Is SoundCloud safe to use?

Ans : Yes, SoundCloud Is safe to use. No harm is going to happen to your mobile or your device through SoundCloud’s website or app.

Q : How many songs can you upload on SoundCloud for free?

Ans : A free user can upload as many songs for a total time of 180 minutes i.e. up to 3 hours.

Q : How does SoundCloud make their money?

Ans : Soundcloud doesn’t have a single source of income, but multiple channels. Earn money from tickets such as advertising, premium subscriptions, audio mastering services, funding and organizing big events and concerts every year.

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