Former Homestead and Purdue superstar Caleb Swanigan passed away

Caleb Swanigan, a former Homestead and Purdue superstar who went on to play in the NBA, has passed away.

He was 25 years old and had experienced many highs and lows in his life.

Caleb grew up in terrible circumstances. his father was a drug addict, and he spent his childhood bouncing between Utah and Indiana with his family.

Caleb used food to make himself feel better during such a hard time, and he ended up gaining a lot of weight.

Roosevelt Barnes, a former Purdue football player, took him under his wing when he was 13 years old and brought him to live in Indiana.

Soon, they saw that Caleb isn't good at football, but is much better at basketball. Caleb worked on himself and lost weight by eating right and working out.

He was picked to go to Purdue, and the rest is history. Caleb's death is still an unknown, but it seems likely that it was a natural cause.

Caleb Swanigan's life was an amazing story with a lot of great moments.

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