Deshaun Watson has a six-game suspension for sexual misbehavior

Star quarterback Deshan Watson has been accused of sexually abusing 24 women and sidelined the star quarterback in 2021.

So NFL disciplinarian Sue L. Robinson has ordered Watson to be suspended for six games.

Official Robinson said the six-game suspension is the most significant punishment ever in the history of all NFL players.

Against Watson worked with over 60 massage therapists over a period of about 15 months, from 2019 to 2021.

Here Robinson stated that Watson's main purpose in making appointments with a massage therapist was sexual, not therapeutic.

Watson has the right to appeal the charges against him within three days through the NFL Players Association.

The good news for Watson is that two grand juries in Texas refused to indict him on criminal charges.

This paves the way for Watson's eventually return to the field of play.

Robinson had retired from the bench in the US District Court for the District of Delaware. Robinson then began working with the NFL.

Robinson also said that Watson should not be massaged by a massage therapist other than a massage therapist directed by club personnel.