LeBron James is returning to the Basketball team Cleveland Cavaliers

Currently, basketball's greatest player LeBron James is going to join the Cleveland Cavaliers team for the third time.

According to some sources, on Thursday, LeBron James is going to sign with him for two years for $ 97.1 million.

A CBA rule allows players over the age of 38 to settle for a team for only two years.

LeBron James is currently 37 years old and will turn 38 in December, and as a rule of the CBA, he will be contracting with the Cavaliers for 2 years.

But here James can also sign a one-year deal, for which he will demand about $ 47 million.

On December 30, 1984 the U.S. Born in Akron, Ohio, James' real name is LeBron Ramon James, now also known as King James.

According to Forbes News, LeBron James has become a billionaire and his net worth is more than USD 100 million.


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